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祝 ラディカルバージョン / Celebration (The Radical Version) / 庆贺之不凡版

 奔流する真紅の渦。上下に流れ広がる赤の円に対し、白は中心へと向かって円を描いて収束していき、安定した完全性を表しています。西欧では円とはその完全無欠から古くより 神になぞらえられるものですが、日本人であれば、この作品に旭日旗や日の丸を想起するかもしれません。太陽をシンボルとするそうしたものと同様に、紅白の色彩は、慶事、復 興祈願など、「ハレ」(めでたさ、好景気など)を表します。

   A torrential swirl of crimson. In contrast to the red circle, which flows up and down, the white curves toward the center and converges, representing stable integrity. In Western Europe, the circle has been regarded as God because of its perfect continuity. However, a Japanese person may recall the Rising Sun Flag or Hinomaru (National flag of Japan) in this work. As with other representations of the sun, the red and white colors represent hare (joy and prosperity), such as for an auspicious occasion or a prayer for reconstruction and the like.
   This work has been inspired by a part of traditional Japanese culture known as Mizuhiki, which are stiff cords that are folded and tied into fantastic shapes and used to close envelopes or gifts. The red and white paper Mizuhiki cords that are used for gifts represent unsealing, removing evils and connecting people, giving this work a further auspicious atmosphere. This work displays more strength than “Celebration” (original).

 绯红的洪流旋涡。相对于上下蔓延的红色圆,白色向中心描绘圆并收于此,表示安定的完整性。 圆在西欧因其完整无缺从远古就被神化;日本人看到此作品后往往会浮现出旭日旗或太阳旗。 就像以太阳为象征的东西一样,红白的色彩是表示喜事、复兴祈祷等“hare”(可喜可贺、好 景气等)之事。
 另外,这部作品的构思来自于日本传统文化“水引”。用于装饰礼品的红白绳 结线艺术象征着[未开封]、[驱魔]、[联谊]等意,这部作品寄托了更多的吉祥。此作品在整体 上强化并突破了《庆贺》的原意。


Art to Change Your Destiny.