Art to Change Your Destiny

運を編む / Knit Our Good Fortune / 编织幸运

 ピンクのグラデーションを三つ編みにして組み合わせた優しく規則的な文様。三つ編みは 組み紐の一種ですが、非常に古い時代から結われてきた髪型のひとつでもあります。日本 では千年以上昔から「髪」は「神」が宿るものと見なされていましたが、世界的にも髪を 三つ編みにすることが健康のための護符だと考えられていました。

   There is a gentle and repeated pattern of braids in a gradient of pink shades.
   Only one of many types of braids, the three-strand braid has been a popular hairstyle since ancient times. For more than a thousand years in Japan, hair has been regarded as the home of God, but around the world it has also been thought that braiding the hair can form a talisman for health.
   This work, with its repeated pattern of braids, will not only raise our spirits through its regularity, but also attract a calm and pleasant energy and good fortune, especially for female viewers.

 融合了粉红色渐变的柔和而有规律的三股辫。三股辫是绦子的一种,它也是一种从古代传承至 今的的发型之一。在日本,一千多年以来[头发]里一直被认为有[神]寄住;在国际上,将头发 编成辫子被认为是健康的护身符。 这个有规律的编织纹理的作品,不仅可以规律性适度地调整气息,而且还将给女性观众带来沉 稳舒适的能量和运气。


Art to Change Your Destiny.