Art to Change Your Destiny

癒やしの葉 / Healing Leaves / 疗愈之叶


   This knit painting is similar to “Spirited Leaves” as well as “An Outburst of Leaves”, however the green leaves used as a motif here are clearer and more defined. This is a straightforward work that is easy to understand even for those who are not familiar with abstract expression and conceptual art. The greenery which covers the majority of the canvas, is a calm and comfortable color that will fit into any space. In addition to the power of Feng Shui, green has a healing effect on your eyes, perhaps followed by a boost to your mood as well.

 本作品与[活力之叶][横溢之叶]有着异曲同工之妙,主题的绿叶被清晰的刻画。对于不熟悉抽 象表达和概念艺术的人来说,这是一件非常朴素却很有亲和力的作品。占据大篇幅的绿色是主 色调,带来舒适和内心的平和,适合任何空间。不仅在风水上有益,也让你的眼睛得到疗愈, 使您的情绪流水般自然地回复。


Art to Change Your Destiny.